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Macri's Big Spring Symposium

Get the entire story of what happened on Big Spring Creek in Newville, Pennsylvania: the science, the politics, and the research. Learn what the stream was before the hatchery closed and what the stream is now. I have included scientific papers, reports, streaming audio, and video. This is Macri's Big Spring Symposium.  I have opened the Aquatic Institute for scientific education. There is no overkill here. The podcasts and videos are done in an easy going manner so hopefully it would be similar to a couple of us sitting down and having a drink while discussing these points...nothing too fancy or too academic but still trying to get the scientific points across. It is important to understand what has transpired in the last 13 years of this project.

Tight lines,


Eugene P. Macri Jr.
Aquatic and Environmental Scientist

An Introduction To Big Spring

This is an audio introduction which explains why I am putting on this symposium and some of the information contained on the websites.

Ecology of A Spring Creek

An audio introduction to some differences between Spring Creeks and Freestone Streams

Bay Journal Article

This was the article I wrote for the Bay Journal in 2001 on Big Spring

Examination of Data of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

Here are video explanations of data by the PFBC.  They include all of the following:

    Electrofishing Analysis 2000-2007 Upper Area of Big Spring Ditch

      Electrofishing Analysis 2000-2007 Middle Area of Big Spring Below Ditch

        Electrofishing Analysis 2002-2007 Lower Area of Big Spring Below Thomas Dam

          NEW: Biomass Data Evaluations from Upper Area of Big Spring Ditch

            NEW: Biomass Data Evaluations from Middle Area of Big Spring Below Ditch

              Carrying Capacity Analysis

                Fingerling Study Analysis 1

                  Fingerling Study Analysis 2 (audio)

                  Trout Reproduction in Big Spring
                  A Short Video Analysis

                  Environmental Matrix Stream Analysis

                  Evaluations by Former PFBC Biologist Fred Johnson


                  Pennsylvania Fishing Guides and Fly Shops Telling Fly Anglers: "There Aren't  Many Trout in Big Spring

                  Well Read This for the truth...

                  Scientific Paper: The Ecology of the Mayfly Nymph Ephemerella invaria (rotunda) in a Recovering Limestone Spring Creek
                  Eugene P. Macri Jr.
                  Aquatic and Environmental Scientist

                  English Chalk Streams:

                  Take A Look and Compare 

                  English Chalk Streams:

                  Part Two Visual Tour

                  English Chalk Streams

                  A Video Tour of the Test River

                  Macrophytes on Spring Creeks

                  Learn what most state agencies doesn't understand about spring creeks!